Relationship Tune-Up: Tools for building stronger bonds (2023.05.17; via Zoom)

CBT Canada
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Higher social intelligence = a happier & healthier life

Loneliness is "the new smoking". When chronic, it erodes both emotional and physical health. Our society's loneliness epidemic leads many patients to (mis)use your office as their primary source of social support. Your burden can be very heavy.

Today's cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) provides patients with much more than the typical advise of “join a club”. Upon completing Relationship Tune-Up, you’ll have dozens of practical tools to help you improve their relations with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

Major topics include "ten-minute couples counseling"; helping patients (and others) overcome social anxiety; the fascinating issue of adult sibling relations.

Special topics include the scientific determinants of friendship; the trap of co-rumination; research on "emotional contagion"; "friendshifts"; the complex (and embarrassing) emotion of hurt; the portfolio analysis tool; relations with individuals with antisocial personality disorder (AsPD); the horror of ostracism; and the compelling research on the timing of residential moves on children.

As the Roman philosopher Cicero (106BC–43BC) wrote in his classic treatise Laelius de Amicitia (On Friendship):

"Friendship improves happiness and abates misery,
by the doubling of our joy and the dividing of our grief."

Head instructor Greg Dubord, MD is the CME Director of CBT Canada, and the prime developer of medical CBT. He has presented over 500 workshops, including over 50 for the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and is a University of Toronto CME Teacher of the Year.

Accreditation is three-credits-per-hour by the College of Family Physicians of Canada*. The workshop is 3.0 hours in length, for 9.0 Mainpro+ credits. The Royal College accepts Mainpro+ credits as equivalent (1:1) to MOC credits for Section 1 (i.e., Group Learning). As such, this 3.0 hour, three-credits-per-hour module counts for 9.0 credits in MAINPORT.

*American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) members are eligible to receive up to 9.0 Prescribed credit hours for attendance at CBT Canada's 3.0 hour (/9.0 Mainpro+ credit) workshops due to a reciprocal agreement with the College of Family Physicians (AAFP, 2016).



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Greg Dubord, MD
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