The 28th Annual Santa Fe Symposia 2022

Boston University School of Medicine
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Boston University School of Medicine
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Learning to observe experiences from a place of stillness enables one to relate to life without fear and clinging. One begins to accept all aspects of life with increasing equanimity, self-compassion and balance. Life is seen as a constantly changing process.

For 2500 years, Buddhist meditation practices have developed what is referred to as “skillful methods” for the study and transformation of the mind/body, including developing awareness, concentration, stillness, mindfulness and other attention skills. The integration of Buddhist Psychology with modern day Ericksonian Mind/Body Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Creative Thinking and other neuroscientific insights reveal that people can learn to change their thinking and behavior in ways that revitalize the brain, enhance happiness, cultivate learned optimism, promote self-compassion, emotional regulation, and well-being.

This course will introduce participants to the theory and clinical methods of mindfulness-based psycho-therapeutic systems, mindfulness meditation, and creative thinking. Integrating this Buddhist Psychology and the Non-Dual school of mindfulness practices with the contemporary theories of Somatic Experiencing, Ericksonian mind-body, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Health psychologies, participants will have the opportunity to directly experience, practice, and learn clinical skills for promoting insight, self-compassion and self-regulation. This seminar will be theoretical and highly experiential, as participants will practice clinical skills and engage in self-exercises by utilizing meditation and breathing methods during the symposium.

This program will cover:

The introduction of Mindfulness Buddhist Psychology and the neuroscience research behind it.
An overview of the different types of Buddhist Schools of Mindfulness
An introduction and demonstration of the different types of Awareness Training – local, global, and non-dual.
An overview of OpenMind Training including breath exercises and meditations.
Demonstration and practice of various mindful meditations and visualizations.
Management of afflictive mind states and their transformation to positive antidote remedies
Strategies for calming the mind and deepening one's insight
Non-Dual mindfulness practices to explore one's inner resources for activating creativity, vitality, and a core sense of well-being in the mind-body process.
Medication and psychedelics including awakening through Prozac, micro dosing and the clinical use of MDMA and Psylocibin for treating depression, trauma healing and PTSD resolution.
The new integrations in Integrative Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy including the clinical applications of contemporary relational, neurobiology, Buddhist psychology, somatic and Ericksonian Mind Body therapies in the treatment room.
The application of mindfulness to achieving peak performance
The psychology of cultivating compassion for ourselves and others.
How to determine the effectiveness of your practice and guidance on incorporating changes.

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Physician MD
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Nurse Practitioner
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Hilton Santa Fe Historic Plaza
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100 Sandoval St
United States
New Mexico (NM)
Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM, USA (Show on map)
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AMA PRA Category 1 Credit
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Naomi Moeller
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8:30 AM
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1:00 PM
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